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With Orkney Island Gold, Orkney Meat has clearly demonstrated that today’s quality-conscious consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a high quality product. Beef and Lamb from the Orkney Islands conjure up images of quality, freshness and health, all of which are attractive to customers.

beef and lamb from orkney
A strict selection system coupled with traditional maturing and cutting processes enable us to guarantee the taste and quality of our beef and lamb. As an added assurance, all meat is 100% traceable back to the Orkney farm of origin and a “Certificate of Authenticity” to this effect is supplied with EVERY delivery – not merely as a one-off. This ensures that the details about the meat you are selling in your shop are completely current each week. Add in the wide range of supporting point-of-sale material, and Orkney Island Gold clearly has a very large appeal.

certificate of authenticity
To highlight the exclusive nature of the beef & lamb, Orkney Island Gold is not available from any of the major multiple retailers. As you would expect, Orkney Island Gold has developed an impressive list of stockists from all over the country including, over the years, National and Regional “Top Shop” winners. In addition, numerous Guild of “Q” butchers are amongst the top names we supply.

If you would like to receive a full information pack, or discuss Orkney Island Gold in more detail you can contact us by filling in the form below or call us during business hours on Telephone number 01856 874326 or Fax us on 01856 872496.